What is mg20?

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Throughout the Summit, each Country Delegation must negotiate and collaborate to create concrete solutions to pressing global issues. These solutions take the form of policies: statements of purpose, guidelines, and/or rules that advocate for a particular course of action. Participants create both domestic and international policies.


  • Jennifer Z.

    Model G20 ’18, ’19
    Columbia University ’23

    Jenn has participated in the Model G20 Summit numerous times and even made it to our next level program, MG20 Task Force, where she was able to work with the Y20! She is a true leader in every sense of the word, who commands everyone to listen whenever she speaks. With motivation and drive beyond her years, she’s ready to change the world.

  • Federico R.

    Model G20 ’17
    Harvard University ’23

    At the 2017 Model G20, Federico took home a well-deserved award for Most Outstanding Delegate. Since attending, Federico has gone on to serve as an Economic Development and Neighborhood Committee member for the City of Boston, where he worked to allocate city funding to area youth.

  • Sebastian S.

    Model G20 ’17, ’18
    Princeton University ’24

    During his time at the Model G20 Summit, it became apparent that this young leader was going places. With a full plate of activities in high school — including National Honor Society, soccer, mock trial, political awareness club, science team, and orchestra — we’re thrilled that he made the time to attend our groundbreaking summit.

  • Alvin C.

    Model G20 ’17, ’18, ’19
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’24

    Alvin has participated in three Model G20 Summits and loves the summit portion of the program the most. “During the last three days we had to research our topics depending on our ministry. I was the health minister, so I had to research about pollution and how it affects public health.” We’re sure Alvin is putting his research skills to good use at MIT!

  • Sarah B.

    Model G20 ’18, ’19, ’20
    Boston University ’24

    Sarah was a Deciding Committee member at the last Virtual Summit, as well as the voice, face, and inspiration for our first student-featured program video this past fall. Sarah is a compassionate, intelligent, and above all intellectually generous soul whose presence in the Summit was an exceptional asset to her colleagues.

  • Rohit C.

    Model G20 ’18, ’19
    Georgia Institute of Technology ’23

    Rohit has been with Knovva Academy since 2017, and was honored to become a Knovva Academic Mentor for our Knowledge in Action course this past summer. He has attended multiple Model G20 Summits, amounting to an ambassadorship with the program. “As a delegate, the people you meet all have secret talents. When you get to see those talents, you just say to yourself: ‘Wow! That’s why I want to come back every year!’”

  • Omar S.

    Model G20 ’19
    Columbia University ’24

    Omar became one of Model G20’s greatest advocates after traveling to the Model G20 Summit in Beijing, where he was awarded the top honor of Most Outstanding Delegate. Of his time at the summit, Omar gushes: “Just thinking about Beijing makes me miss it. I learned so much and made so many dear friends. Working with members of my generation opened my eyes and refreshed me; there’s nothing we can’t achieve when we work together.”

  • Kiara O.

    Model G20 ’18, ’19
    Dartmouth College ’24

    A legend of the Model G20 community, Kiara has attended the Model G20 Summit in Boston and the Model G20 Task Force in Argentina. She has also acted as a voice for the Summit to the world at large. Of her time with Model G20, she says: “I have never seen a group of such motivated teenagers who want to promote change in our society. The MG20 delegates are beyond passionate and being around them has influenced me in ways beyond compare.”


Previous Knovva Model
G20 Summits have
featured these leading schools:

United States British international School of Boston
Boston Latin School
Rivermont Collegiate
Staten Island Technical High School
Bronx High School of Science

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China The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
Shenzhen High School
Tsinghua University High School
Beijing No.4 High School
Shanghai High School

See More

Canada Balmoral Hall School
Luther College High School
Sir Winston Churchill High School
Havergal College
Bayview Glen Independent School

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U.K Merchant Taylors school
Putney High school
Queen Elizabeth's School
King Edward VI Grammar School
Colyton Grammar School

India Pinegrove School
Daly College
White Leaf Public School
The Amaatra Academy
Pathways School Noida

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Australia Sydney Boys High School
The Scots College
PLC Sydney

Mexico Tecnológico de Monterrey
Universidad de Monterrey
International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main
Universidad Tecmilenio
Preparatoria TecMilenio

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Japan Shibuya Junior and Senior High School
Oshima high school
Gyosei International School
Ibaraki Prefectural Hitachi Daiichi High School
K. International School Tokyo

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Pakistan Aitchison College
Private Candidate
Punjab Group Pakistan
CAA Public School
Dar-e-Arqam School

Indonesia BINUS SCHOOL Serpong
Surabaya European School

“During the summit, I really learned how to be a strong leader - which is not just limited to instructing people on tasks, but is listening to the needs of your team and motivating everybody to work hard.”

TARA OSSIANI United States




Previous Knovva Model G20 Summits have featured students from 40+ countries, creating a multicultural melting pot of the brightest young minds across the world.


Mind and soul. Train your innate powers of negotiation, debating, writing, and public speaking.


The beauty and habitability of the world is in your hands: Take on roles as representatives of G20 countries and devise novel solutions to bring color back to our world’s future.


Previous Knovva Model
G20 Summits have been
held in:

Mexico City


This year’s lineup of speakers features a panel of leading immunologists,
educationists, and governance experts from around the world.


Featured prominent speakers and experts from top-tier educational institutes of the world


    Professor in Public Policy at The Harvard Kennedy School.

  • Julie Battilana

    Alan L. Gleitsman Professor of Social Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School
    Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

  • Dr. Moriba Jah

    Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at University of Texas Austin’s Oden Institute

  • Professor Gerald Torres

    Professor of Environmental Justice and Professor of Law at Yale University


Dedicated educators and scholars design and support all delegates throughout the summit

  • Victoria Jones

    Curriculum Designer, Master of Art, American Museum of Natural History

  • Patricia Lozada

    Chair of Model G20 Committee
    MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Peter Dufresne

    Head of Academic, Model G20 Committee
    Ph.D Candidate, University of Cumberland

  • Martha McMorran

    Academic Co-chair, Model G20 Committee
    Ed.M., Harvard University

  • Amy Hubbard

    Academic Co-chair, Model G20 Committee
    Ed.M., Harvard University

  • Alex Krasser

    Academic Co-chair, Model G20 Committee
    Ed.M., Harvard University

  • Yuxi He

    Program Director, Model G20 Committee
    MBA Candidate, University of Chicago

  • Rachel Lund

    Curriculum Designer, Ed.M., Harvard University

“What a tremendous group of students you have. It gives you a tremendous hope for the world to actually see these people and they are the future.”

Susan Solomon Lee and Geraldine Martin Professor of Environmental Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


What you get



  • An all-access pass to the Model G20 Virtual Summit
  • All learning materials including video courses, MG20 training and on-boarding materials, program guidelines, handbooks, and textbooks
  • Engagement activities before, during, and after the Summit, including game nights, networking sessions, and meet-and-greets with fellow attendees, hosted by Knovva’s engagement team
  • A Certificate of Completion, and potentially an award to boost your résumé
  • College-level lectures, workshops, and online courses designed by Harvard alumni and scholars
  • *Limited Time Offer Valid Until December 30, 2021

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Model G20 has been featured both in mainstream media and in school communities around the world.

Five Boston Latin students joined the 2017 Model G20 Summit
20 Students,12 Countries at Y20 Leadership Summit in Tokyo
"Freshmen are told there are four words that don’t exist...
160 teens,18 countries at 2020 Global Youth Leadership...
Wareham students return from leadership summit in China
Eye-opening, intriguing, once-in-a-lifetime experience...


Students enrolled in the Model G20 Virtual Summit must have regular access to a computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection. Students are expected to log in to Knovva Academy’s platform and Zoom to attend online simulation sessions. If any sessions require students to have additional software, students will be notified of these requirements in advance.

No. While native English speakers might find it easier to participate verbally, we have numerous channels to ensure that all voices are included.

Yes, of course! The Model G20 Virtual Summit welcomes high school students from all around the world, even those without Model G20 Summit experience.

The program fee is non-refundable once the application is complete.

Participating in the Model G20 Virtual Summit will demonstrate to college admissions officers that you are committed to growing your leadership skills, developing your practical understanding of international affairs, and broadening your perspective as a global citizen. Knovva Academy students often attend top colleges and universities, and we attribute their success to their vibrant spirit of inquiry and their willingness to thoughtfully engage in Model G20 while keeping their grades high.

Model G20 Virtual Summit participants spend five days engaged in a role-playing game via Zoom, while mG20 in Action club members meet once a week during the school year, and collaborate online using Knovva Academy’s community forum. Both activities include opportunities to learn, collaborate with peers, engage in hands-on simulations, and speak publicly.

The fee is $149 per student for the winter 2021 cohort. This fee covers all guest speakers and supports the teachers who facilitate each team.

Voices from the MG20 Community

“I definitely am looking forward to being part of more such events, utilizing my knowledge to bring about positive changes in my immediate environment not only in life at home but also in and outside of school.” - Adya S, India

“It was awesome to see people from around the world coming together to discuss the issues of tomorrow. I learned so much about people from other cultures and what their perspectives on policy were, and I felt as though I grew a lot from that.” - Matthew R, United States

“Seeing real life policy making, having new international friends, even though we’re only meeting virtually, we got along really well.” - Elizabeth H, Indonesia

“This program inspired me to become the Minister of Youth Affairs to provide a platform for young people to share their thoughts. It also helped me think critically. I really love it and would love to participate more in the future!” - Tamaki H, Japan